To lead the disability care and senior support industry by empowering more people with other abilities, seniors and care providers with meaningful work and genuine relationships.

With passion and commitment to service with a purpose, ACALS sees a whole new genuine approach to accessible care and lifestyle services in Australia. By leading the industry towards creating a community of support, we see a future where people with other abilities and seniors can lead a lifestyle they want and deserve, with the right support team by their side.


Empowering people with disabilities and seniors with a tailored, genuine approach to care that fosters independence and celebrates individuality.

ACALS’ internal team of support staff undertake the vision of the team to the field, providing quality care combined with a genuine dedication to make a difference, one person at a time. Our group always offers expertise with heart to ensure that every client we cater to gets the truly personalised service they deserve.

Our Difference

ACALS always strives to meet and go beyond industry standards in disability support and aged care – and this allows us to be at par with our partner providers.

However, it is our unique approach to care that sets us apart.

With an internal team of support staff (rather than just contractors), ACALS can directly ensure that we deliver on our promises and provide the personalised care that our clients deserve, from planning to execution and beyond.

As a team, we are all truly dedicated to making a difference – and this fully reflects in our actions. We are dedicated to our service, we take the time to listen and we collaborate with our clients so they can take full control of their care.

Instead of seeing other care providers as competition, we see them as partners in offering the care that people with other abilities and seniors deserve. This allows us to foster meaningful relationships and direct the people we serve towards the right support team that matches their goals, needs and preferences.

ACALS is a place where everyone is heard and supported – and this makes us different for all the right reasons.



Commitment and dedication are at the heart of everything we do at ACALS.

Every member of the team at ACALS is here for all the right reasons. What brings us together is our collective goal to make a real difference in our community by supporting everyone who needs us.

This passion is shared by our admin team who collaborate with our clients in creating support plans and the support staff who conduct these plans. As such, our utmost commitment and dedication is ensured across every step of the support process at ACALS.

Always and in all ways, our genuine purpose reflects in our actions.

We’re thorough and efficient in providing tailored support based on unique needs and preferences.

Along with our passion for service quality is our commitment to meeting our own high standards and delivering the support and care that people truly need, when they need it.

Our team takes the time to listen and closely collaborate with the clients we work with to create the support plan that will aid them in living their ideal lifestyle. All this information is stored on our CRM systems for easy reference and clearly communicated across the team to ensure a smooth support delivery at all times.

At ACALS, we take a comprehensive approach to service, every step of the way.

Our team is passionate about building long-term partnerships based on trust and respect.

Meaningful relationships are at the crux of our service.

Whether we’re collaborating directly with clients or providing staffing solutions for aged care providers, we take the time to encourage long-term partnerships by always being approachable, respectful and accountable.

We are dedicated to delivering service and providing support in ways that people trust and feel comfortable with.



We have a high-performance team of diverse and talented leaders that live our mission and values.

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